Preparation Update

We have been busy this week with various getting-ready-for-Kenya tasks.

Ryan has been researching our very complicated upcoming tax situation for next year, which will directly impact how much money we need to raise since we may have to pay taxes to both Kenya and the U.S. We’re still working on it (anyone with international tax experience, feel free to contact us with advice!).

I was at an ultrasound conference for a few days, trying to learn how to work a machine and be more skilled at viewing the heart, abdominal organs, pelvic organs, and do emergency-setting trauma exams that look for internal bleeding. Ultrasound is a popular tool in low-resource settings because it’s so much cheaper than other tests like CT scans, and it can be done fairly quickly, and without radiation to the patient. It’s on the list of things I’m trying to learn before we go. I need a lot of practice, but it’s a start.

Together, we still have many paperwork-ish tasks to go, but we are underway.

We also received more donation money – thank you, thank you, thank you to those supporting us! We are more grateful than we can say.

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