The Plan 2.0

At the moment, it feels like we’ve said goodbye a hundred times, packed things 3 or 4, and moved furniture 20. We also have very fluid timelines and plans since it hangs on selling our townhouse, getting visas, etc.

At the moment, the plan is to leave Chicago in just over a week, have our pre-field training (called MTI) in Colorado, visit some friends and family, come back to Chicago for a week for Ryan to wrap things up at work, and to finish cleaning out the house. If it hasn’t sold, we will both stay and work a little longer in Chicago. If it has sold, we will get on the plane for Kenya!

At the moment, we would appreciate everyone’s prayers as we live day to day waiting, preparing, and unsure exactly how all this is going to work. We know that everything we need will be provided, and it will all work out, but the reassurance is always nice.

Team Ryley

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